ConceitoEnergy is the common raw-material to any activity, from the most complex and advanced Industry to the simple coffee house or hairdresser.

With the energy as a common denominator, any activity has the inherent need to assess the impact that the energy acquisition and use have on their business, either by direct allocation to the budget of that activity or for more goals, as checking the effectiveness with which it’s used, where it is consumed, the impact the activity has on the consumption, how to reduce consumption, etc.

However, MEASURING without any associated action won’t produce results.

It is necessary to associate the measurement to the interpretation of the results and, above all, setting goals so that you can act on behalf of these.

These actions can be summarized as MANAGE.

This rises the concept of MEASURING to MANAGE.

This concept aims to meet the needs of different structures, supported on the supply capacity of a turnkey service, analyses and evaluation of client activity, existing facilities, definition of the best technical solutions to MEASURE, advise on goals definition and indicators for the client’s specific activity to MANAGE, supply, implementation, training and monitoring.

Because the concept comes down to solutions with different degrees of complexity and because the indicators communication skills and the decision-maker objectives fulfillment is crucial to the end result, the “MEASURE to MANAGE” concept culminates in the ENERBIZ software platform.

ENERBIZ aims to centralize all information in an easy-access environment, providing the most appropriate information to different operators / users and to each type of access, report automatically, alert whenever defined limits are exceeded, analyze where energy is consumed, centralize other data, etc - making it a technological management platform.

This platform allows custom processing of information obtained without the operator’s intervention, the production of analytical graphics, automatic sending to the deciding entity resulting on the actual use of the data acquired, thus creating a DECISION PLATFORM.

Associated with the MEASURE to MANAGE concept, ENERBIZ is designed to allow adaptation to clients' different needs, ensuring competitiveness in based solutions with few meters to solutions with hundreds of counting points.