1. What is ENERBIZ?

ENERBIZ is a turnkey solution for a system of data acquisition and monitoring of buildings developed in Portugal by a partnership of two companies ISSO 9001 certified, with proven expertise and know-how in the area of software development and buildings engineering and energy management – WEESI Ltd and GEOTERME Lda.

2. Do I need to create a specific network for energy metering?

Usually the count network is supported in existing network. If there is no network, one will be created for the count only.

3. Is it necessary to create a specific IT infrastructure?

No. ENERBIZ can be implemented in a usual PC that meets the minimum software and hardware requirements.

4. Can I get ENERBIZ to operate in a “cloud”?

The ENERBIZ platform can be purchased to operate locally, in the client installation, as it can be purchased as SAAS (software as a service), allocating the software and the data acquisition in one of our servers and accessible via web. 

5. Do I have to have a PC in each site if I need to monitor a set of buildings?

For installations composed of several buildings in different locations, data acquisition will be located at a point and accessible in the ENERBIZ website from any location.

6. The supply and installation of meters are the costumer’s responsibility?

The ENERBIZ may consider the supply, installation, commissioning and testing of counting equipment defined in the client’s designed solution.