Conceito EnerbizENERBIZ is a technologic management platform whose utmost concept is “Measure and Manage”

With the energy as a common denominator, any activity has the inherent need to assess the impact that the energy acquisition and use have on their business, either by direct allocation to the budget of that activity or for more goals, as checking the effectiveness with which it’s used, where it is consumed, the impact the activity has on the consumption, how to reduce consumption, etc.

  • ENERBIZ Concept

    Because the concept comes down to solutions with different degrees of complexity and because the indicators communication skills and the decision-maker objectives fulfillment are crucial to the end result, the “MEASURE to Manage” concept culminates in the ENERBIZ software platform.

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  • Implementation

    The knowledge of space and its equipment and the subsequent detailed survey of the requirements, allows the ENERBIZ team to propose / install the necessary equipment for the collection of information to be monitored.

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  • How it Works

    The ENERBIZ Platform was designed based on a flexible architecture to support a wide range of devices available in the market. It allows direct reading of meters using standard protocols without the need for dedicated interfaces.

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