MercadosENERBIZ allows you to define a strategy for energy efficiency and is an opportunity to reduce the immediate cost of public and private organizations.

With ENERBIZ, the various professionals, as building managers or ESCOs, now have a full visibility of energy consumption, whether it’s in public facilities, office buildings, retail chains or other complexes with high power consumption.

  • Industry

    The complexity of energy systems and other types of consumption in the industry defines optimization ambitious plans that must be addressed on a case.

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  • Data Centers

    Data Centers are critical structures that require sophisticated Monitoring and Alarm systems.

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  • Agencies and Shops Networks

    With ENERBIZ you can monitor and centralize the consumption of groups of buildings, agencies or shops, allowing their individual analysis and also carry out centralized management of all locations.

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  • Service Buildings

    The power consumption is becoming a critical factor in building services. It is therefore necessary to find a support to respond to the need to reduce operating costs and compliance with new regulatory requirements for energy efficiency.

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