BeneficiosMore Efficient

The ENERBIZ concept – Measure to Manage – is the path to energy efficiency. With a greater knowledge of consumption it’s possible to develop measures and more informed decisions to reduce the energy bill.

ENERBIZ allows you to define and sustain new attitudes and behaviors in organizations that lead to the reduction of consumption and invoice amount.

Beneficios 2More Agile

Interoperability between various systems and technology that may exist in the building or facility. ENERBIZ Platform was designed based on a flexible architecture to support a wide range of devices available in the market.

There’s no need for historical data file systems. The platform operation is independent of the existing GTC systems.

Beneficios 3More Effective

Performance indicators definition possibility – an essential tool for decision support management and operations of the building.

Ability to manage and alert for deviations from the defined consumption

Beneficios 4Faster

Automatic Emission of the Plant-Specific Reports. The reports with the main indicators arrive earlier to those who need.

Different report formats for different recipients can be defined. The reports can be e-mailed or saved in a location defined by the customers’ network, ensuring fast access and independent from any specific application.

For example, a global report of the facilities can be designed with the general consumption and management indicators, and then sent automatically to the Administration once a month or, on the other hand, have another report with the detail required at the equipment level to be sent every day to the maintainer.

Beneficios 5More Economic

Direct Reading of meters that use standard protocols without the need for dedicated interfaces.

Diversity in the form of data acquisitions. Allows a better adaptation to the prevailing conditions.

Beneficios 6Further Away

Interface with billing management systems – ERPs. Together with ENERBIZ it allows the development and allocation of costs centers and issue bills.

Beneficios 7Easier

Graphic Interface, intuitive, nice and easy to use. Graphics easy to use and possibility to define Dashboards.

Beneficios 8Safer

Security management while accessing the platform. Content policy setting and permissions to each user.

Beneficios 9More Environmentally Friendly

Every kWh saved contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and to a future more and more clean and sustainable. ENERBIZ can inform and promote the environmental performance of the buildings.