Centralized system that manages, in a single platform, electricity, water or gas supply in a condominium with housing, offices or shops, by preloading usable balance.

Pre Pago 1

Advantages of Prepaid
  • Single system that integrates all existing counts in a building;
  • Allows you to manage supplies and scores of consumption centrally;
  • Possibility of remote cutting of the supply;
  • Allows management of current accounts and reporting by Entity, Fraction and Contracted Service;
  • Credit Notices available by SMS and E-Mail;
  • Detailed report of consumption per fraction;
  • Easier charging and consultation operations;
  • Working with a wide range of counters and brands;
  • Standardized communication protocols (ModBus, M-Bus, BacNet, etc.)

Pre Pago 2

With the Enerbiz Prepaid module, the Condominium Manager may:
  • Create a price list;
  • Associate a price list to a fraction or set of fractions or to an owner or group of owners;
  • Register an owner or tenant and associate it with one or more fractions;
  • Consult available credits by service and fraction;
  • Create and change service cutting policies per fraction or set of fractions;
  • Cut or restore the supply of a service for entity or series of fractions;
  • Consult the available credits for service or fraction requested by the owner or tenant;
  • Insert the acquisition of credits for service in fractions in exchange for cash at a price defined in the applicable pricing;
  • Issue of duplicate sales receipt;
  • Converter credit of one services in another at the price defined in the applicable pricing.

Pre Pago 3

With the Enerbiz Prepaid module, the owner or tenant may:
  • Refer to your checking account per fraction and service;
  • Ask for credit transfer from one service to another;
  • Receive a "Receipt" after each load, which will serve as proof of delivery of the monetary value;
  • Receive notifications by SMS or E-Mail when the available credits exceed the predefined limits;
  • Detailed report with consumption per fraction.

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