MEASURE action may take various forms depending on the installation size, the complexity of associated processes, the existing infrastructure and the pursued objectives.

In view of the need to adapt to many different scenarios, ENERBIZ will respond with the most appropriate solution.


The measure of variables such as energy, water, gas or others should be ideally purchased centrally.

To do so, it will be necessary to have meters with counting communication capacity through communication protocols, such as ModBUS, M-BUS, BacNet, or through issuing pulses.

The acquisition of this data will then be centralized through Ethernet, GMS or other network.

InsercaoManual Input

However, if it’s not possible to create a network for data acquisition and centralization, manual data entry or filling out a form and sending it by e-mail are equally effective alternatives for data acquisition.

This type of solution allows the centralization of other data, including invoices that have served for verification of consumption and actual costs and even bench marketing of invoices from various suppliers.


Natively, ENERBIZ has the data acquisition capacity in M-BUS, MODBUS and TCP protocol, favoring the use of Ethernet networks.

The acquisition of data from other systems is usually implemented through SQL.