Briefly, MANAGE assumes defining targets and assess their compliance.

To do so, it is necessary to define the indicators, including their metrics, track your progress and always show if the objectives are not being met and allow the definition of actions to be corrected.

This is the challenge that ENERBIZ proposes itself.

TratamentoData Processing

The acquired data will be processed in a personalized way, allowing the ongoing assessment of the installation performance.

As an example, here are some indicators usually calculated:

  • Calculation of accumulated values and average
  • Assessment of operation profiles
  • Comparison with pre-defined profiles
  • Costing
  • Comparison between expected and actual costs
  • Consumption forecast
  • Consumption monitoring per area/department
  • Emission calculation
  • Management indicators calculation (defined by each client management model)
  • Calculation of PUE and DCiE (Data Centers)


The result of processing the data is made available to the operators in a web environment, with easy access to analytic charts appropriate to each situation.

The graphics will be sent automatically via e-mail, with user-defined periodicity, ensuring that the installation reports its status automatically to the manager.


Because even though there are no deviations from the established objectives , evaluation is necessary remains the premises.

In this sense , the ENERBIZ allows the creation of reports and automatic issuance thereof with sending by mail to one or more operators .

Reports can be created with different content , sent to different recipients with different periocidades , ensuring the delivery of timely information to the recipient that greater enjoyment withdraw this information.


And because Manage assumes act , the ENERBIZ has available performance functions that take action on an installation , either automatically or manually.

These functions are intended to act remotely , allowing connecting or disconnecting circuits , machinery, equipment , or even interact remotely giving consumer information.


In order to allow the action in good time , you can set limits for the indicators , for the system to send alarms when they are achieved.

These alarms are reported in ENERBIZ , and can also be sent via email to one or more operators .

If the ENERBIZ integrate any system that makes the technical monitoring of the facility (eg a centralized technical management system ) may also be monitored technical alarms , hours of operation , critical spaces temperatures , etc.